z_0001_Work At Height Rescue

Work-At-Height Rescue Training

Training Target

This course provides delegates with the requisite knowledge and practical skills how to plan for and successfully complete a rescue in the event of fall emergency during Work-At-Height (WAH).

Course Highlights

  • The hierarchy of controls when carrying out work at height legislation
  • Understand emergency preparedness and rescue provision
  • Understand the implications of suspension trauma and the importance of rescue provision.
  • Use of self-relief technique during harness suspension trauma situations
  • Harness inspection and fitness
  • Demonstrate casualty management and the application of temporary aids
  • Using of Rescue Kit
  • Simulated rescue suspended casualty using of rescue kit

Course Duration

1 day course including assessment.

Recommended for

For candidates with health and safety obligations who have a duty of be responsible for work at height and for the health and safety of workers working at height.